Excursions and tours

We can organise unaccompanied or guided tours from Taddart n tamount for you to explore the land of the Berbers and its wonderful countryside by car, foot or mule. We only recommend trusted guides we know personally to ensure you enjoy yourself to the full. You can find our prices under "Rates/contact". The choice available includes:

  • A walking tour through the valley of roses with waterfalls and villages , which can only be reached by foot.
  • A car tour through the Dades valley and gorges and maybe further to the appel gardens of Msmerir
  • A car tour to the Todra gorge and oasis in Tinerhir and maybe a camel ride in the oasis
  • A visit to explore one of the typical souks in the region and get to know the life of rural Moroccans.
  • A day trip to the beautiful old kasbah village of Ait Ben Haddou, which is a UNESCO certified world heritage.
  • A car tour and sleep over in Imilchil.
  • A car tour and sleep over to the beautiful mountain valleys in Amalagou
  • A traditional women's Berber carpet workshop.
  • A trip to our local crafts cooperative, where ​​jewelry and the beautiful Moroccan knives are made. 

In May, the yearly rose festival is held in Kelaat M'Gouna, when the women have finished the year's harvest of rosebuds. Several days of market, theater, music and dance. During this period, children stay along the roads and sell the beautiful hearts and figures made of fresh rose petals on a string. The whole area smells of the fragile scent of the fine natural rose aroma, which is a part of the local production of the world's finest rose water, oils, creams and soaps.

According to your personal interests, we can arrange to meet local craftsmen, artists or women’s cooperatives or schools…




We can arrange everything from a two days trekking with a sleep over in a Berber home in our nearest mountains to a one week trekking over the Atlas from Kelaat M’gouna to Marrakech with mules and a guide.


Moroccan Desert

If you dream of travelling to the south of Morocco to explore the immense open spaces of the desert in the Merzouga region, then we can make you the tour of your dreams, sleeping under the stars after a long ride on camel and waking up before sunrise to see the amazing shift of colours in the desert.



Taddart n tamount is a wonderful natural playground for children, who simply love the breakfasts, the oasis and camel rides – and our child friendly cat Lalla Fou. Older children find participating in the cooking/baking or “work” in the garden irresistible. And of course, at the end of the day, youngsters can play safely in the walled gardens while you relax. We have a selection of children’s books in Danish and access to learn a bit of the Berber language by children’s computer games. Many a child has got in contact with the local children by going to play football with them, close to our village mosque. Ellen is as a preschool teacher the former manager of a kindergarten in Denmark and Bourhim works as a high school teacher in philosophy. We both love to have children around. What’s more, our suite can easily accommodate extra beds for children for a modest additional charge, including breakfast. So you can relax in more ways than one.



You are welcome to participate in – and learn from - the cooking of traditional Berber dishes, baking bread and cakes. Our kitchen is the natural environment for cosy conversations about whatever is up and we welcome you at our daily dining table for a kitchen chat.