Our village

The village of Douar Ifri is named after the local caves at the river. It is nestled between the Atlas Mountains and the highlands of Jbel Saghro.

View to our mosque in front of the Atlas  

A village of farmers and shepherds set in scented gardens of roses, lillies and fruit trees, Douar Ifri benefits from a pleasant climate, with daytime temperatures that never rise above 28°C in the spring or autumn and never fall below 15°C in the winter. In July-August the temperature can rise to 35°C. The wide red landscape is a constantly-varied adventure for walks and to get close to the berber people working in the fields here. And it’s simply paradise for anyone who adores the fresh air, sun, mountains and rivers, with trekking, fishing, mild breezes and comfortably refreshing rivers that soothe the body and soul. Or what about to meet locals in our local bathhouse,  the hammam, getting a good scrub and massage - you will feel as a newborn again.