Welcome from Ellen and Bourhim to Taddart n Tamount, our personal guest house on Morocco's route of the 1000 kasbahs. Its name means "The house of friendship" as that’s how we see our guests, friends of the house.

Ellen og Bourhim           

You'll find the extraordinary Moroccan peace and welcoming here in abundance. Almost a symbol of Morocco and this region, we will do our best to make you feel at home in our home.

This has also given e.g. artists and writers peace to immerse themselves into their work by longer creative retreat stays where they have enjoyed being cared for so they could concentrate on their work.


Nestling in the midst of this idyllic countryside at the Atlas Mountains between Ouarzazate and Tinerhir, you'll find the small traditional Berber village of Ifri and our guest house. And just a twenty minute drive from Taddart n Tamount you'll find the beautiful gorges of Dades and M'Gouna, much-admired for the fantastic sculptures that the nature has created in the rocks, the running rivers and the marvellous nature for walking and trekking.


Just outside our door, you can go for walks in the oasis to our local river, passing old kasbahs and the fields where the women pick the rosebuds for the local production of rosewater, soaps and oils early in the morning. You can be sure to be met by a smile and a friendly "Salam aleikum" – God's peace be upon you.


We fell in love with this village and set about creating our dream. A guest house with a personal touch that's a haven of peace and beauty. A place that's also our home, combining the cleanliness and order of the Danes with the kindness and welcoming warmth of the Moroccans.


Built of local mud bricks using natural materials and traditional techniques, Taddart n Tamount complements the beautiful village and landscape of its setting and respects the environment in more than one way.